Sea freight

Sea freight

 The GREYMAR company offers its services for the sea delivery of your goods.

full turnkey logistics


Sea Freight to anywhere in the world

Various ships

Our company can select the right vessel for a specific task, which will help to correctly calculate the budget and logistics.


Years of experience

Our company has been in the logistics market for over 15 years

Partners around the world

 Our company has partners all over the world with whom we have been working for many years. Thanks to which we are able to perform complex tasks

Customs clearance of goods

We need additional services, such as the registration of vantages and inshi.   

перевозки навалом

 It is in our power to organize the supply of the vessel for loading bulk and liquid cargo, namely: grain, general, fertilizers, various raw materials, etc. 

Organization of pillowcase shipping

перевозки грузов

 Sea freight also includes transportation of groupage small consignments and cargo in containers. Currently, container trains are also gaining popularity, which transport goods from China in transit to Kiev, Ukraine. 

Organization of container transportation

 We are ready to help you in the delivery of goods both in the mode of export from the country, and in the mode of import or transit / cabotage. 

We work in all directions

Our company is ready to supply the necessary container equipment: standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers, refrigerated containers, as well as container platforms – flat tracks and open tops for any cargo transported by customers. 

Also, our company is able to solve various difficulties with customs documents of various countries, and the necessary logistics routes for other types of transport.

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