Types of vessels for transportation

Types of vessels for transportation

Dear Colleagues,
We continue to acquaint you with our services for the delivery of goods.

Today, in connection with the current situation in the container transportation market and the rise in prices for sea freight, we offer you alternative transportation options for your consideration, namely:

1) Carriage of goods by bulk carriers

This is the most popular type of vessel designed to carry any packed and
unpacked types of cargo. Bulk / bulk, pallets, big bags, slings, containers, oversized and oversized equipment, machinery and other goods are accepted for transportation. Direct service is most often provided depending on the destination.

2) Carriage of goods by RO-RO vessels

Vessels of this type mainly carry equipment and vehicles that can be loaded horizontally, which can significantly reduce the time of loading and unloading the vessel. The service is indirect.

3) Carriage by tanker type vessels

This is a highly specialized type of vessel designed for the transportation of liquid cargo: oil, fuel, etc.

The geography of this type of transportation is very wide. Our partners include agents and shipowners from many countries around the world, which allows us to offer you the best rates and service.

We are waiting for your applications and requests for transportation!

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