– Организация международных контейнерных перевозок по принципу «от дверей к двери» через сеть агентов на всех пяти континентах (экспортно – импортные отправки);
– Организация перевозок грузов навалом (зерновые и др. грузовые);
– Таможенное декларирование импортных, экспортных и транзитных грузов;
– Заключение СЭС;
– Экспедирование в портах Одесса и Черноморск;
– Складские услуги (хранение, погрузка грузов в контейнеры и наоборот, др.);
– Решение различных логистических заданий с применением комбинированных перевозок разными видами транспорта.

Морской Фрахт

Sea freight

Sea freight  The GREYMAR company offers its services for the sea delivery of your goods. The container transporting All directions Bulk cargo transportation full turnkey logistics Call WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES! Sea Freight to anywhere in the world Various ships Our company can select the right vessel for a specific task, which will help to correctly calculate […]


Freight forwarding

Expedition Freight forwarding in the ports of Chernomorsk, Odessa, Yuzhny, transportation by personal transport, full-fledged cargo logistics service, international transport, container shipping. The leading task of forwarding is considered uninterrupted work on the delivery of goods from sellers to customers. This requires all the necessary procedures, which include transportation, documentation of the goods, the prompt […]

Customs Broker

Customs broker Odessa Our experience will benefit you Thanks to us, your cargo will cross the border of Ukraine in integrity and in safety, and most importantly on time. Our many years of experience will help you solve the most complex problems! Who else but we know how important it is to timely and correctly […]

Экспорт продукции

Products for export

Ukraine occupies one of the leading positions in the world as a large agricultural country. The Greymar company offers our foreign Clients a number of products manufactured in Ukraine, namely: grain and bean crops, meal, rapeseed, flour, oilseeds, milk powder, meat products (frozen chicken, beef meat, etc.), lumber / wood products. Please contact us to […]

Авиа доставка грузов

Air delivery

Air delivery is the fastest way to deliver goods over long distances; neither sea nor land delivery can compete in this. Cargo delivery by air is not just a service, it is a whole bureaucratic process of documents, certificates, paperwork, which is very difficult to understand, but using the services of GREIMAR, you won’t have […]

Склады в оренду

Warehouse Logistics

Warehousing services of our company are a set of ready-made solutions for your company’s cost reduction strategy. In conditions of constant growth of warehouse real estate, we will find for you the most favorable conditions for solving your requirements, excellent real estate, competitive prices, and most importantly, we already have ready-made solutions for your business. […]

Доставка негабаритных грузов

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo is a specialization of the GREIMAR LLC company, we have at our disposal great opportunities that will help to cope with a wide variety of tasks. Organization of transportation of oversized cargo is an incredibly difficult task, for each cargo you need to choose a special transport, develop a route, take into account […]

железнодорожная доставка


Rail transport is an inexpensive, most reliable and safe form of transport. Freight rail transportation is carried out by various types of rolling stock. There are several types of cars, depending on the characteristics of the cargo, methods of loading – unloading, ensuring the safety of goods, etc. Our company can arrange the transportation of […]

Доставка грузов автотранспортом

Auto delivery

Auto-delivery of goods is convenient and fast, because today the road surface is almost everywhere, which means that delivery by road does not depend on the airport, the presence of sea routes, etc. … Therefore, this type of transportation is considered the most universal. Nowadays, delivery of goods by road is the most popular form […]

перевозка наволочных грузов

Bulk cargo transportation

Transportation in bulk is the transportation of goods without containers, for example, various types of raw materials, such as sand, ore, scrap metal, waste paper, grain, etc. For this transportation special vessels are used – which do not have special mechanisms, only cargo holds in bulk or in bulk. There are many materials that are […]

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