Freight forwarding


Freight forwarding in the ports of Chernomorsk, Odessa, Yuzhny, transportation by personal transport, full-fledged cargo logistics service, international transport, container shipping.

The leading task of forwarding is considered uninterrupted work on the delivery of goods from sellers to customers. This requires all the necessary procedures, which include transportation, documentation of the goods, the prompt passage of all customs procedures, payment of line and port charges, loading and unloading, tracking the safety of goods.

The main task of the forwarding company is the timely organization of a full service upon receipt of goods at the port – very fast processing of shipping documents in the customs department for loading and exporting goods from the port, with the aim of subsequent transportation to the destination. The procedure must be completed as soon as possible. Being very experienced, GREYMAR  employees achieve the best results, having established themselves as conscientious, the best port forwarders.

Port forwarding:

Part 1 consists in the preparation of documents for the goods with filling in the loading document (ORDER) of the established copy. Further, if the comments on the information indicated in the accompanying documents are unavailable, the customs inspector puts a stamp, which actually gives the right to present the container on the truck upon presentation of an endorsed order. The order must naturally be confirmed by the shipping company, which verifies the data on the bill of lading (sea waybill) – and the line agent puts (stamp) permitting container removal from the port.

Part 2 is the transfer of all important documents (provided for by a suitable regime), and paper issued during the passage of control forms (weighing, x-ray). If the customs inspector does not detect violations (has the ability to conduct customs inspection) – the inspector draws up a PASS through the customs border and allows subsequent transportation.


Our company is able to implement all the necessary services for the transportation, transshipment, disbanding and documenting of goods.

In order to preserve the product, we conduct a forecast of the movement of goods along the entire chain of its movement. Our representatives cooperate with SES, in fact, that allows you to carry out the necessary fences and samples for important analyzes and obtaining the proper permits. Excellent contacts with all port services make it possible to obtain permission for loading and unloading operations in a short time.

Together with the cargo, the company issues to our customers a full package of documents, which contains the proper certificates and bills of lading. If the cargo is urgently required to have a temperature register, GREYMAR company guarantees the goods responsible storage. In addition, we provide the necessary space for warehousing and reliable savings of goods before its transit or export. If the cargo arrives at the port and requires subsequent transportation to the consignee, we will implement the port forwarding of containers and create their subsequent shipment.

Extensive experience and a well-functioning mechanism of work from inside the ports allows us to facilitate and speed up all the procedures for processing, shipping and delivery of goods.

As a result of passing all the important procedures in the ports, our company will implement the loading of goods on railway or motor vehicles in a short time for its further delivery to the final recipient.

GREYMAR issues document packages to any of the port services and is responsible for the correctness of their design. Representatives of the forwarding company are present during customs inspection, environmental inspection, disbandment of cargo and other operations in the port and establish their own signatures for the proper reports.



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