The container transporting

The container transporting.

The most profitable way to deliver goods today is container shipping. High cargo safety, container capacity and no need to rent storage facilities – not all the advantages of this direction of transportation. Also, transporting the container by railway transport and auto transport is not difficult, while everything that is contained in the containers is reliably protected, and securely sealed – which makes it impossible to steal property in containers during transportation.

Container transportation is also convenient when transporting sensitive goods, or goods that require special conditions of transportation, temperature conditions and so on. There are so many types of cargo and characteristics of container equipment, our company works with all types.

Container cargo transportation by sea is carried out through Chernomorsk, South and Odessa Sea Port. A very developed infrastructure allows for maximum control over the safety of containers. Also, container shipping has constant, proven and reliable delivery routes, which means that we have the opportunity to make a route almost exactly and provide for all necessary measures during transportation.

Container shipping is one of the most important specialties of our company. Many years of experience, contacts, related services such as warehouse logistics, freight forwarders, customs clearance, logistics to the port – all this makes it more convenient to cooperate with our company, as you receive a complete turnkey package of your cargo logistics.

Our company has a developed network of trust relationships with many transport agents and container lines around the world. All this greatly facilitates the path to achieving our main goal – solving various transport problems of Clients in the shortest possible time and with the maximum degree of responsibility.

To miscalculate your request for the delivery of import / export goods, please contact us at: +38 097-277-33-53.

Organization of international transportation in all directions

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