Bulk cargo transportation

Transportation in bulk is the transportation of goods without containers, for example, various types of raw materials, such as sand, ore, scrap metal, waste paper, grain, etc. For this transportation special vessels are used – which do not have special mechanisms, only cargo holds in bulk or in bulk. There are many materials that are transported in bulk such as salt, grain, soil, sand, gravel and so on …

Transportation in bulk requires special attention to logistics, namely the choice of the vessel, the calculation of time, special attention to loading / unloading, etc. Our company has extensive experience in transporting in bulk, so we can cope with almost any task.

The price of this transportation depends on the tonnage of the goods and the distance of transportation, sometimes the specifics of the port policy.

Our team will provide a comprehensive range of services for this transportation by sea in our and international waters of any cargo. Reliable and successful relations with international enterprises and organizations enable our firm / company to provide customers with the best conditions, very reasonable prices and excellent service.

At any stretch of the route, at the request of the customer, we inform about the location of the cargo, and upon arrival at the port we inform about the completion of the transportation.

Also, we provide a full range of related services, such as warehouse logistics, customs clearance, obtaining the conclusion of the SES, and other legal documents, which can greatly help you in your business, saving money and nerves.

Our company is engaged in the organization of the delivery of large consignments (from 1000-2000 tons and more) from Ukrainian ports to various destinations in bulk. Among the goods transported in bulk, cereals, metals, chemical goods in big bags and in bulk, etc. prevail. Our experts have experience in ship agency services in organizing the reception of imported or sending export goods in bulk. We work with these cargoes through the terminals of Odessa, Chernomorsk, Yuzhny, Nikolaev, Kherson, Berdyansk and other ports.

To miscalculate your request for the delivery of import / export goods, please contact us at: +38 094-930-73-73.


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