Rail transport
is an inexpensive, most reliable and safe form of transport. Freight rail transportation is carried out by various types of rolling stock. There are several types of cars, depending on the characteristics of the cargo, methods of loading – unloading, ensuring the safety of goods, etc.

Our company can arrange the transportation of heavy, dangerous and oversized cargo.

Main advantages of railway transportation:

  • – price (If we talk about long routes, rail transportation will always be cheaper than air transportation and sea transportation. In some cases, it is more profitable than road transport. So this type of transportation has an excellent price / quality ratio).
  • – Safety (transportation of goods by rail is almost a 100% guarantee of cargo safety. Factors such as the quality of the roadway, negative weather conditions, human factors and others do not affect the safety of your cargo).
  • – Speed ​​(railway transport is one of the most reliable and punctual transport services. The minimum probability of breakage, the absence of risk factors, etc. less often lead to delays with all the ensuing consequences).
  • – Versatility (for different goods there are a huge number of different types of wagons, which gives railway transport the greater advantage of transporting both oversized cargo and hazardous substances, goods that need a special approach).


Rail transport is not an expensive, optimal and safe way of delivery. It is very convenient for industrial enterprises, deliveries to large cities, transportation of raw materials, deliveries of more goods to remote places. Simplifies logistics planning. Very safe, reliable and punctual mode of transport. The railway system is very extensive, which will make it possible to use this service in Ukraine, the CIS countries, Europe, and the Asian direction.
Our company works with all types of cargo.

Rail transport is one of the fastest and most convenient ways of transporting various goods between countries with land connections.

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