Auto delivery

Auto-delivery of goods is convenient and fast, because today the road surface is almost everywhere, which means that delivery by road does not depend on the airport, the presence of sea routes, etc. … Therefore, this type of transportation is considered the most universal.

Авто перевозки

Nowadays, delivery of goods by road is the most popular form of transportation. The peculiarity of the location of Ukraine (in the center of Europe) contributes to the effective development of this type of transport. Also, auto-delivery of goods is also very convenient, because we can deliver you cargo even to the most remote warehouse, and this does not require an additional mode of transport.

The main advantages of car delivery:

  • – the ability to quickly change the route (the warehouse has changed, the flight was rescheduled, it doesn’t matter; during delivery, vehicles can instantly change the delivery point);
  • – delivery flexibility (no need to wait for the ship to leave or the plane to take off, the car can be served for loading at any time);
  • – universality of delivery cargo: dimensions, dangerous, liquids requiring special care (temperature), etc;
  • – The ideal ratio of price and quality;
  • – does not require additional service – in the form of delivery to a car, etc;
  • – light (compared with other vehicles) personnel selection threshold.

You could make sure that auto delivery is a profitable and very convenient form of transport, it is often also used as additional transport when it brings goods to the airport, seaport or railway. GREIMAR company not only has vast experience in the logistics of trucking, but can also help you with related tasks: preparing customs documents, obtaining various certificates, concluding SES, legal and other services.
It offers a fleet of trains and an experienced dispatcher who can always provide the necessary up-to-date information on the movement of your cargo.

Delivery options:

  • Door to door.
  • Warehouse – door.
  • Warehouse – door.
  • Warehouse – warehouse.

автоперевозки перевозки на собственном транспорте

Cargo safety and punctual delivery is the motto of the GREIMAR company, because it is one of the most important delivery qualities for the client. During the delivery process, our company takes full responsibility for the logistics, and if necessary, adjusts the delivery route, which allows us to deliver the goods very quickly and respond to possible delays (traffic jams, road repairs, coating quality, long journeys, etc).
It is also worth noting about the wide experience in international transport, therefore, in logistics, our company takes into account all the nuances of road transport of all countries that go through the route, which can affect delivery, so once again you do not have to waste your strength and nerves on difficult tasks
An individual approach to each client, taking into account the cargo, route and wishes.

To miscalculate your request for the delivery of import / export goods, please contact us at: +38 097-277-33-53.


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