Types of vessels for transportation

Types of vessels for transportation Dear Colleagues, We continue to acquaint you with our services for the delivery of goods. Today, in connection with the current situation in the container transportation market and the rise in prices for sea freight, we offer you alternative transportation options for your consideration, namely: 1) Carriage of goods by […]

Bulk cargo transportation

Bulk cargo transportation One of the demanded services of our company is the transportation of bulk cargo – large consignments of cargo from 1 to 100 thousand tons. This type of transportation has many specific features, but we have extensive experience in solving such problems. We offer: – assistance in choosing a vessel, competent timing; […]

Why shipping by sea is beneficial

Why shipping by sea is beneficial Sea transportation is an effective and popular way to transport goods over long distances. In this case, there is no dependence on roads or the condition of railways. Routes are laid according to the most profitable schemes, which saves fuel and also reduces time. For many types of cargo, […]

There are more inland waterways now – the Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the list

There are more inland waterways now – the Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the list Now in Ukraine, several more rivers have become officially navigable. This is indicated in the resolution of September 30 “On Amendments to the List of Inland Waterways that belong to the category of navigable”. The list has become larger due […]

Repacking of cargo

Repacking of cargo Cargo repackaging services allow you to optimize costs. For certain groups of goods, this is a necessary stage in the overall delivery chain. This is often required for export grain shipments. Also, the service may be needed in such cases: – when transporting oversized goods; – for the delivery of perishable products; […]

Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo Agricultural, industrial equipment, building materials often have non-standard dimensions. Their transportation is fraught with certain difficulties that can be overcome with special equipment and machinery at our disposal. The Greymar company provides oversized cargo transportation services. This is a whole complex that allows you to quickly transport heavy, bulky and long […]

Development of multimodal transportation in Ukraine

Development of multimodal transportation in Ukraine On October 21, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the bill “On Multimodal Transportation” developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure. In fact, this is a reorientation of transportation from roads to the river and other ecological types of delivery. This helps to protect the environment as well as optimize […]

Post-pandemic logistics: trends for 2021

Post-pandemic logistics: trends for 2021 The force majeure situation with coronavirus and quarantine that arose in 2020 forces logistics providers to flexibly adapt to new realities. After the pandemic, some trends that appeared during the period of forced restriction will still be relevant. 1. Collaborations of different services. The creation of a community between logistics […]

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Customs clearance of a car

Legalization (rozmitnennya) cars on Euro numbers for special koristuvannya in Ukraine What is also legalization of cars for Euro numbers for a special procedure in Ukraine, procedure? Car rental for special needs, – a number of steps should be carried out to legalize cars, and taking them to the region in MREO in the territory […]

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In Norway, will create a container ship with zero emissions

Norwegian companies YARA and KONGSBERG have agreed on a partnership to create the world’s first autonomous container vessel with zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is reported by Humans At Sea. “Named YARA Birkeland in honor of the founder of YARA, the famous scientist and innovator Christian Birkeland, the ship will be […]

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