Растаможка авто

Customs clearance of a car

Legalization (rozmitnennya) cars on Euro numbers for special koristuvannya in Ukraine What is also legalization of cars for Euro numbers for a special procedure in Ukraine, procedure? Car rental for special needs, – a number of steps should be carried out to legalize cars, and taking them to the region in MREO in the territory […]

новый корабль для контейнеров

In Norway, will create a container ship with zero emissions

Norwegian companies YARA and KONGSBERG have agreed on a partnership to create the world’s first autonomous container vessel with zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is reported by Humans At Sea. “Named YARA Birkeland in honor of the founder of YARA, the famous scientist and innovator Christian Birkeland, the ship will be […]

Международная логистика

In January-April, grain exports amounted to $ 2.25 billion – SFS

In January-April 2017, Ukraine exported 14.428 million tons of grain crops (commodity group UKVED 10) for $ 2 billion 252,703 million. Customs statistics published by the State Fiscal Service (SFS) of Ukraine show this. The share of the product group in total exports in monetary terms amounted to 16.4%. Among the positions of the commodity […]

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