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Our experience will benefit you

Thanks to us, your cargo will cross the border of Ukraine in integrity and in safety, and most importantly on time. Our many years of experience will help you solve the most complex problems! Who else but we know how important it is to timely and correctly fill out all the necessary documents at the borders!

A customs broker is an intermediary whose task is to represent the interests of the client during customs clearance and customs clearance of goods. It is a good customs broker that is able to accelerate the passage of goods across the border, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the business and minimizing risks. It is very important not only the broker’s extensive experience, but also best practices with the control authorities. And constantly monitor changes in the state – legal base.

Thanks to his own developments, in addition to customs clearance, Greimar can additionally provide obtaining the conclusion of the SES, certificate of conformity, technical specifications, trademark registration, and the receipt of a number of other permits.

Thanks to many years of experience working with many organizations and state control bodies, the GREIMAR companies solve any complex logistic tasks and customs “riddles” as quickly as possible.
Our company works in all areas of customs clearance services, here are one of many:

Customs Services

  • customs clearance of import / export / transit;
  • customs clearance of individuals, parcels;
  • Customs clearance of goods from China, Europe and the USA
  • customs clearance of any type of cargo.

Legal services

  • drawing up invoices and foreign economic agreements;
  • primary accreditation / re-accreditation at customs;
  • obtaining permits for cargo;
  • solution of possible problem situations


Greymar customs services are reliable, fast and of high quality, and this is the main thing in the work of an experienced and good customs broker.

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