Warehouse Logistics

Warehousing services of our company are a set of ready-made solutions for your company’s cost reduction strategy. In conditions of constant growth of warehouse real estate, we will find for you the most favorable conditions for solving your requirements, excellent real estate, competitive prices, and most importantly, we already have ready-made solutions for your business. As a result, warehouse logistics will become a convenient resource management system with which you can minimize your costs for inventory logistics.

Warehouse logistics is a complex process that needs to be fully coordinated with the supply, transportation and resource allocation functions. And especially, control over warehouse real estate. Our company will be able to take on the solution of these complex tasks, which will save you from many problems.


Trusting our warehouse logistics services, you will receive:

  • – 100% safety of your goods, our partners have reliable warehouses, with round-the-clock security and video surveillance;
  • – You will save on hiring personnel, training, constant search for personnel, and all the problems associated with the organization of work in this difficult field;
  • – You do not have to buy expensive modern equipment, since we already have it;
  • – the great experience of our company will work for you, and this is a well-coordinated mechanism with well-established schemes and processes;
  • – complete confidentiality, we keep strict information about our customers, and we take care of all related issues;
  • – we provide reports on the movement of goods, which will allow you to conduct complete control and calculation of logistics;
  • – we can also provide additional services for inventory and accounting of your goods;
  • – our wide range of services will be a big plus, since in many cases different types of transportation to various parts of the planet are needed, which is what our company actually does;
  • – we have many partners who are engaged in legal, customs solutions to related problems;
  • – in conclusion, there will be an appropriate mention of the company’s democratic pricing policy.

GREIMAR company takes great care of its customers. Do not put off solving your problems, call today +38 (097) -277-33-53 or leave a request in our contacts.



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