Development of multimodal transportation in Ukraine

Development of multimodal transportation in Ukraine

On October 21, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the bill “On Multimodal Transportation” developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure. In fact, this is a reorientation of transportation from roads to the river and other ecological types of delivery. This helps to protect the environment as well as optimize time and money. It is planned to introduce a single multimodal transport agreement.

Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Krykliy: “With the bill supported by the Government today, we will improve the existing legislative framework and introduce important legal mechanisms for the wider use of these types of cargo transportation. I am grateful to my colleagues for the decision and very much look forward to the early support of this law by the people’s deputies. ”

Among the main theses of the bill:

– securing the right of participants in multimodal transportation to carry out activities on the basis of drawing up a single agreement regarding all stages of transportation, regardless of the change in modes of transport;
– the operator’s responsibility for the cargo to the customer of the service covers the period from the moment he accepts the cargo for multimodal transportation until the moment it is issued;
– compensation for losses without finding out at what stage the damage or loss of cargo occurred;
setting the maximum amount of the operator’s liability in accordance with current international practice.

As a reminder, on July 30, Ukraine and Germany agreed on a partnership in the development of intermodal railway transportation by signing between Ukrzaliznytsia and Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

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