Air delivery

Air delivery is the fastest way to deliver goods over long distances; neither sea nor land delivery can compete in this.

Cargo delivery by air is not just a service, it is a whole bureaucratic process of documents, certificates, paperwork, which is very difficult to understand, but using the services of GREIMAR, you won’t have to worry about anything, because we will undertake all paper work.

It is also worth noting that the likelihood of getting into a plane crash is thousands of times less than getting into an accident, so cargo delivery through air transport is also the safest way to transport.
There are also difficulties here, because you need to correctly calculate the logistics, namely: additional delivery transport to the airport, waiting warehouses, and to the transport that you will meet, so the total price will be much higher, but no one in the world can compete with the speed of delivery transport.
Advantages of international air cargo transportation:

  • – delivery speed;
  • – 100% compliance with the schedule;
  • – safety and security of cargo;
  • – and it is worth repeating once again that this is speed.


Why it is worth contacting, namely to the GREIMAR company ?:

  • – the company’s vast experience will be able not only to carry out this transportation, but also, if desired, to carry out all the necessary logistics of the turnkey transportation;
  • – in addition to transportation, our company provides a number of services, such as customs brokerage, legal support, etc .;
  • – round-the-clock support of managers during transportation;
  • – reasonable prices;
  • – cooperation with international organizations will allow us to perform even the most complex transportation;
  • – The fruits of many years of work have become an excellent service of our company.


When communicating with our manager about pricing policy, you must specify the following information:
– weight of goods;

– cargo name;

– place of delivery;

– the volume of goods, and additional parameters …

If you need urgent cargo delivery, then Air delivery is exactly what you need. It is expensive and difficult, but you have to pay for speed, and about the complexity, we can all take it upon ourselves.

Our company works with all types of cargo.

You can find out more detailed information by phone +38 (097) -277-33-53 or leave a request in our contacts.

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