Repacking of cargo

Repacking of cargo

Cargo repackaging services allow you to optimize costs. For certain groups of goods, this is a necessary stage in the overall delivery chain. This is often required for export grain shipments. Also, the service may be needed in such cases:

– when transporting oversized goods;
– for the delivery of perishable products;
– in the case of long distance transportation.

Greymar specialists have extensive experience in container repacking, so the procedure takes a minimum of time. We ensure safety during its reloading, as well as when moving it through the territory of the port, warehouse.

Many clients turn to us because we provide a full package of accompanying and transport documentation. In the future, there are no problems with delivery to the final destination.

We save time, so all types of work are performed simultaneously. We are ready to provide the best conditions for each type of cargo, so that the service will be implemented at a worthy level. We are engaged in repacking containers of any complexity!

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