Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo

Agricultural, industrial equipment, building materials often have non-standard dimensions. Their transportation is fraught with certain difficulties that can be overcome with special equipment and machinery at our disposal.

The Greymar company provides oversized cargo transportation services. This is a whole complex that allows you to quickly transport heavy, bulky and long objects.

What goods are oversized:

– length, if together with the vehicle is more than 20 m;
– width when this parameter is more than 2.55 m;
height, if the indicator exceeds 4 m, together with transport;
– weight, from 38 tons and more together with the vehicle.

We offer our clients the best conditions for cooperation, as well as:

– selection of the optimal type of vehicle;
– escorting goods during transportation, ensuring correct movement;
– obtaining permits for movement along the entire route, in accordance with the norms of all countries through which the movement is carried out.

We work throughout Ukraine, as well as CIS and European countries. We provide a full range of services for the transportation of oversized cargo. We work efficiently and efficiently!

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