Post-pandemic logistics: trends for 2021

Post-pandemic logistics: trends for 2021

The force majeure situation with coronavirus and quarantine that arose in 2020 forces logistics providers to flexibly adapt to new realities. After the pandemic, some trends that appeared during the period of forced restriction will still be relevant.

1. Collaborations of different services.

The creation of a community between logistics and services will strengthen the positions of all members of the collaboration. Clients will have access to comprehensive services that will also help save costs and time.

2. Increased demand for vehicle repair and maintenance.

In the post-pandemic period, many will stop purchasing new vehicles for parks. Instead, the priority will be to restore and maintain existing vehicles.

3. The growing popularity of the service “groupage cargo”.

Nowadays there is a trend towards a decline in the delivery of consignments, but at the same time the number of groupage cargoes is constantly increasing. This, in particular, is facilitated by the current restrictions on air travel. There is a high demand for groupage cargo from Europe. The trend is likely to continue in the future.

4. Application of IT technologies.

Now there is a real IT revolution in logistics. And if earlier many were skeptical about digitalization, then at this stage more and more logistics providers are switching to new platforms for the exchange of tariffs and rates.

5. Development of domestic traffic.

Domestic markets have so far remained on the sidelines, because the priority was the development of imports and exports. The pandemic has become an impetus for the development of supply chains within the country.

6. Contactless delivery.

Taking care of the health of senders and recipients, many services offer contactless delivery services. The most popular will be those companies that offer the most convenient, safe and quick way to receive goods. At the same time, many buyers are willing to pay for such services at least 5-10% more.

7. Increase in demand for land transportation.

The pandemic has opened up new prospects for rail transport. This happened against the backdrop of an increase in rates for air and sea transport. In addition, road transportation is accompanied by strict checks, quarantines, and forced replacement of drivers.

Many of the theses are forecasts, but it is clear that the coming year does not cancel the mode of adaptability and flexibility. A time of crisis is not only a test, but also new opportunities.

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