There are more inland waterways now – the Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the list

There are more inland waterways now – the Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the list

Now in Ukraine, several more rivers have become officially navigable. This is indicated in the resolution of September 30 “On Amendments to the List of Inland Waterways that belong to the category of navigable”.

The list has become larger due to:

R. Pripyat from the border with Belarus to the mouth;
R. Dnieper from the mouth of the river. Pripyat to Kiev hydroelectric station;
R. Dnieper from Kiev hydroelectric power station to Kherson;
R. Dnieper from the settlement of Lower Zhary to the mouth of the river. Pripyat;
R. Desna from Chernigov to the mouth;
R. Southern Bug to Nikolaev;
R. Danube near the village of Orlovka.

What determines the suitability of a river for navigation? – Depth, width and other parameters. In fact, the document officially recognized the safety of the listed waterways for navigation.

The list also contains sections of the route that belong to the E-40 project to connect the Black and Baltic Seas. This should be carried out through the Vistula – Bug – Mukhavets – Pina – Pripyat – Dnieper rivers. This requires a shipping lane of over 2,000 km.

But this is not a fundamentally new project, but the restoration of the path that has been in effect since 1996. For full implementation, it is necessary to build 6-7 locks on the Pripyat River, a bypass canal in Poland, as well as deepening works on all sections of the route.
Based on materials from the magazine “Shipping” (Odessa)

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